onsdag 29 september 2010

Skaar and Jakie says hi!

Vilka härliga bilder jag fått av Skaar som bor i Norge med sin familj. Vacker plats för husse och hund att visa upp sig på. Skaar har sin taxkompis Aaro och katten Melis att leka med när inte husse eller matte har tid.
I also got a phonecall early in the morning from Frank and Jenny who had a lot of news to tell about Jakie (Jacobus). Like Skaar he had lost all the babyteeth and grows a lot. They have been driving a lot around in Canada this summer and Jenny promised me to send photos from diffrent places they visited. I´m so excited to see those pictures.
I always get a big smile on my face and my hearts starts jumping when I think of our days together in Winnipeg.
Enjoy your drents!

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