fredag 2 juli 2010

Winds of history in Canada

Our relatives ended up in Wasagamy, Orchid street, at Clear Lake. Later it became a federal park and the familys were not allowed to live there the year round.Most of the scandinavian people stayed nearby and the small town Erickson got new familys.
One of my great grandfathers brothers, Nils Holmberg (Andersson) came to build his house and farm for his family. Here you see a couple of barns for storing the grain.
Here we are standing in the Teather in Wasagamy park. Nils brother, John (Johan) Anderson, was a carpenter, and the boss of the work, building swedish timberhouses. Unfortunatly he fell from a roof and did never recover, he died some months after the accident leaving his wife with four children.
The scandinavian people were good workers and was mentioned as craftsmen.
The area was called "Scandinavia" or "New Sweden".

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