torsdag 24 juni 2010

Finally, Jacobus in their arms

Frank and Jenny with their pup, arriving from Sweden, Tallmora kennel.At Caroles place it was the time for a real celebrations with a lovely tasting Icewine Jenny brought for this speciall occation.
Who grabs the glasses and who ends up with the rest of the bottle? Thelma or Ellen!?
Jacobus resting under the table at Caroles place.
Now leaving for Lethbridge together with his new owners. Jenny had promissed her students, grade four, to meet Jacobus before they went for the summerholliday.
See you soon again Frank Jenny and Jacobus!
(They will come back to Winnipeg and say good bye before we leave for Sweden 5th of July)

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  1. Agneta Gunnarsson27 juni 2010 19:06

    Vilka äventyr! Har ni åkt iväg alla tre + valp? Kanada som är så underbart!
    Hoppas ni har det bra!
    Här har vi lite förändringens tider, läs mer i Caspers blogg :-)
    Varma & soliga hälsningar från,