onsdag 23 juni 2010

Fairytail continues for Lisa Ellen and Jacobus

Our travel went well and now we all are in Canada at Caroles place. Frank and Jenny met us at the airport in Winnipeg together with our relatives Carole and Thelma. Not a problem through customs and we were treated well both at Chicago customs and Canadian customs. Poor people waiting for us to arrive, it took a while before we were checked and given an OK to leave for meeting the waiting people.
Finally we met them and what a joy. Strange though, with a lot of crying (happy crying) and hugging and wiping wet cheeks. It is sure a continuing fairytale for all of us.
Jacobus ends up with soooo nice people who will provide for his living in Canada and Lethbridge Alberta. I'm glad for my decision making this trip with the little pup.
Ellen got a surprice, Frank and Jenny also wanted to provide for her in Winnipegs stores.
- You go out and buy something you want, they said and gave her something in her hand....Ellen blushed and smiled. How come?
......you'll have to guess!

WOW we are in Canada!

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  1. Härligt! Och skönt att ni inte "fastnade" någonstans på vägen :)
    Vi hörs!